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We mix all styles of music from Rock to Blues to Pop to Jazz to Motown to Funk to Country. Each month I show a different set of plugins as well as different mixing concepts & techniques. You will never see the exact same thing two months in a row. The purpose of this is to make you a well-rounded mixer and to help you develop your own style. - David Vignola


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Win FREE Plugins & Studio Gear

Submit your mix to the monthly mixing contest and have a chance to win FREE plugins and studio gear.

Discounts on Training Courses

Members will receive a 25% discount on all training courses from the Home Recording Made Easy catalog.

Monthly Coaching Call

You will have access to the monthly LIVE coaching call with David. This is a great way to get your mixing and home studio questions answered.  

FREE Drum Samples, Templates

You will receive free drum samples, mixing templates and training materials to help you with your mix. 

Private 1 on 1 Training W/ David

Get a 50% discount on private 1 on 1 training sessions with David. ($100 value)

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Have your mix critiqued by David and the members of MME.net via the members user forum

"I just want you to know that 4 months ago I had no clue how to get a good mix. I have used DP for years to make midi bass & drum backing tracks for live performance but every time I tried to record and mix my own songs they sounded very amateur. I was searching the net trying to find anything that would help me out and discovered your Mixing Made Easy site. Since then I have gone through several of your Made Easy courses. I quickly found out that I was doing everything wrong. I have learned a lot from you and I am now addicted to the mixing. You offer way more than all competitors and the quality of your videos is way above anything I have found. I am looking forward to your new site. Thanks again."

Wayne Millican
Customer / Student

"Hey man... just thought I’d drop you a note to say thanks for all you do. You were my first “instructor” and I still refer back to so many of your videos. You’re much appreciated... as I have become better acquainted with more and more people with Presonus and this StudioLive / StudioOne family, everyone speaks very highly of you. Just last night Mike (Trucky) Krueger and I were speaking of your influences and devotion to helping guys to better understand about the products as well as Rick Naqvi and Ray Tantzen... just to mention a few. Anyway, thanks brother for all your hard work, professionalism, and devotion to teaching!"

Perry Brening
Customer / Student

"Hey Dave, Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the content here at MME.net. You explain things in such an easy way that is not "over my head". I can say that after only a couple of months my mixes have improved and I owe it all to you my friend! Looking forward to next months mix! Thanks for all you do. "

Jonh Murphy

"Whether you are preparing for a career in mixing or you are just playing music production hero, Mixing Made Easy is the place to be. Every month there is a new awesome song with all the stems provided, and they are so good you feel like you are mixing the next hit single. You learn methods in organization, the how’s and why’s of compression, EQ, phase alignment and more through hours of videos each month — money well spent, and tons of fun mixing! "

James Gramze
Customer / Member

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank David for this site. I have been a long time user of David Vignola and his mixing courses since 2012. David has helped me go from an amateur mixing hobbiest to a full fledge mixing engineer who gets paid for his service.. The new Mixing Made Easy.net site is an amazing one stop shop for all your mixing needs. The content is just amazing!!, and the one low price, you just can not beat it! Thank you David for helping all of us improve our mixing! "

Andy Arthur
Student / Follower

"Excellent mixing site. I am learning so much and I am so pleased with my purchase. David is a top notch instructor and is always there to support and answer question when I have them. "

Louis Turse
Student / Member

"I'm so glad to be a member of Mixing Made Easy. The consistent format is the absolute best of everything out there. Each month I get to be right there watching the whole process and seeing how mixing decisions are made. The monthly membership fee, to me, represents the best value for the money in the industry. "

Adam Goldstein

"From my perspective as an absolute beginner I find MME to be an absolutely amazing product. You explain what your are doing, how to do it and why. It's all very clear and highly instructive. Having new music to work with every month is absolutely fantastic. I love the variety of styles and arrangements. If you're looking to learn the basics of music production or polish your skills as a producer or engineer, I highly recommend David Vignola's Mixing Made Easy. Using a wide variety of musical genres and arrangements, David clearly demonstrates the mixing techniques and aesthetic valuers that go into making a great record. "

Frank Stasio

"David is not only a gifted engineer, but a gifted instructor as well. His explanations and video demonstrations are comprehensive and easily graspable for even the newest aspiring audio engineers. If you are an audio engineer at any level, especially if you are a Studio One user, and you don’t utilize David’s content and tutorials then you are doing yourself a great disservice. Myself and many others are very grateful for the content he provides and very much look forward to his future instructional videos."

Mike Acevedo


We are currently not accepting new members at this time. Generally, we open membership twice per year. If you would like to be notified once membership opens, leave your name & email below and I will be sure to reach out. - David Vignola

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$165 Worth of Freebies

New Mix Videos each month (4-6 hrs)

Audio Files of the song for you to mix

FREE Drum Samples ($50 value)

FREE Compression Guide ($15 value)

FREE EQ Frequency Guide ($15 value)

FREE Gain Staging Cheat Sheet ($10 value)

FREE Mixing Process Checklist ($15 value)

FREE Mastering Process Checklist ($15 value)

50% off Private Training w/David ($45 value)

Free Access to Monthly Coaching Call

Win FREE Plugins via Monthly Mixing Contest 

Access to MME.net Community Forum

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$260 Worth of Freebies! Save Over $400

2 FREE months of membership

New Mix Videos each month (4-6 hrs)

Audio files of the song for you to mix

FREE Drum Samples ($50 value)

FREE Compression Guide ($15 value)

FREE EQ Frequency Guide ($15 value)

FREE Gain Staging Cheat Sheet ($10 value)

FREE Mixing Process Checklist ($15 value)

FREE Mastering Process Checklist ($15 value)

FREE 1hr Skype Session w/David ($85 value) 

FREE Access to Monthly Coaching Call

Win FREE Plugins via Monthly Mixing Contest

Access to MME.net Community Forum

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Your Coach - David Vignola

I have been a professional audio mixing engineer for over 15 years. During that time I have been mixing and mastering music for hundreds of artists all over the world, helping them bring their art to the world. My training has taken me all over the country, working in many analog / digital hybrid studios. I have also studied under well know mixing engineer Michael White who has worked with artist Including The Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston, Kiss and the Talking Heads, just to name a few. Over the last 5 years it has become important to me to start giving back and help musicians and engineers learn the craft of audio engineering. I found that teaching was something I really enjoyed and have a passion for and that has lead me to create (Home Recording Made Easy.com) My main focus is on the beginner / intermediate recording musician & aspiring audio engineer. Helping students improve their recording / engineering skills is something that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. I look forward to working with all of you in the very near future here at Learning to Mix. Together we will bring your music productions to the next level!


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